What does Flowtrik supply?
Flowtrik supplies Portable EV Chargers and Public Charging solutions.
What is the power range of Portable Chargers?
Portable chargers range from 250W to 3kW, suitable for 2, 3, and 4-wheelers at home.
What types of vehicles can be charged with Portable Chargers?
Portable chargers support the charging of 2, 3, and 4-wheelers.
Where can Portable Chargers be used?
Portable chargers are suitable for home use.
What power range do Public Chargers have?
Public Chargers range from 3.3kW to 22kW.
What vehicles can be charged with Public Chargers?
Public Chargers range from 3.3kW to 22kW.
Can Public Chargers be deployed anywhere?
Yes, Public Chargers can be deployed in any parking slots.
How can Public Chargers be accessed?
Public Chargers can be accessed through a mobile application.
What features does the mobile application offer?
The mobile application provides location tracking, online payment gateway, and charging history.
Are Flowtrik chargers customizable?
Yes, all Flowtrik chargers are completely customizable.
Where is Flowtrik located?
Flowtrik is located at IIT Madras Research Park.
Is Flowtrik incubated at IIT Madras?
Yes, Flowtrik is incubated in IIT Madras Incubation Cell.
Who is Flowtrik's manufacturing partner?
Flowtrik’s manufacturing partner is Salcomp.
What concept does Flowtrik adhere to?
Flowtrik adheres to the concept of “Made in India.”
Can Flowtrik chargers charge electric bicycles?
Yes, Flowtrik chargers can charge electric bicycles.
Can Flowtrik chargers be used in remote locations?
Yes, Flowtrik chargers can be used in remote locations.
Are Flowtrik chargers compatible with all electric vehicle brands?
Yes, Flowtrik chargers are compatible with all electric vehicle brands.
What safety features do Flowtrik chargers have?
Flowtrik chargers have built-in safety features to ensure secure charging.
How can customers get technical support for Flowtrik chargers?
Customers can access technical support through our helpline or website.
Does Flowtrik provide warranty for its chargers?
Yes, Flowtrik provides a warranty for its chargers.
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