About us

Flowtrik is a start-up incubated at IIT-Madras that designs and manufactures chargers for Advanced Batteries (like Li-ion, Advanced Lead Acid, other alternate batteries) especially used in Electric Vehicles. It offers solutions for Public Charging and Battery Swapping Infrastructure through innovative, reliable and futuristic technology.

Flowtrik's Focus

Customer Centric
Indigenously Designed
Innovative Technology

Product Portfolio

What we offer!

We provide chargers for Electric Vehicle Batteries. Our chargers are modular in design, easy to install and maintain with Smart Charging Platform for Backend, Operations and Analytics.

Bulk Charger
For charging 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler swappable batteries.
Portable Charger
Easy to use! Charge on the go!
Public Charger
Intelligent AC Charging Stations for EV's
OCPP Controller
Smart Communication between Charging Station and Network Management System
Collecting and Relaying data to Cloud
Intelligent Controller for interfacing of EV sub-systems

Bulk Charger

Bulk Charger Image
  1. Swap & Go
  2. N-slot rack charger with customizations
  3. Modular rack design for easy expandability of charging outlets
  4. Efficient power electronics
  5. IoT enabled monitoring and management
  1. Integrated with Smart Charging Management Platform
  2. Connectivity to cloud
  3. Battery Management with analytics
  4. Maximise Battery life
  5. Integrated cooling for batteries(optional)

Portable Charger

  1. Plug and Play
  2. Light Weight
  3. Built-in Protection Measures
  4. Alerts and Maintenance
  5. Ergonomic Design
  6. Charging Anywhere
Portable Charger Image

Public Charger

Public Charger Image
  1. Bharat AC and DC Charger
  2. Compliant to OCPP Protocol
  3. In-built Metering
  4. Authentication and Authorization
  1. Intelligent Charging Control
  2. Time of Day Billing
  3. Connectivity to Cloud
  4. Integrated with Smart Charging Management Platform

OCPP Controller

  • Touch Enabled HMI Interface (optional)
  • Authentication through QR/RFID
  • Supports Metering
  • Provision for Multiple Peripheral Support
  • Built-in Authentication Feature
  • Supports OCPP 1.6J onwards


  • Real-time location update
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Battery Status
  • Geo-fencing enabled
  • PAN India SIM


  • Connected Mobility
  • Enables communication in EV drive train
  • Cloud connected Controllers
  • Tracking of vehicle and battery parameters
  • Compliance to LS-VBCC Protocol Suite

Why us?

Intelligent Charging
Cloud Connected
Energy Efficient
Deep Analytics
Futuristic Approach
Battery Optimizer