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Incubated by India’s leading tech incubator IITMIC

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A 100% Indian-made charger, form concept to manufacturing

EV charging solutions

Experience the thrill of electric driving with our diverse range of chargers. Designed for the modern adventures, our reliable chargers ensure you’re always powered up and ready to go.

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Portable Charger

Compact, reliable, and budget-friendly, it is your go to charging pal for home or any where you roam.

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AC Chargers

Versatile and moderately fast, it is perfect for small businesses, parking zones and for people wishing to supplement their income.

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Go the distance and let nothing hold you back, as our charging options ensure you're always ready to go

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Cloud Connected Chargers

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Our smart charging solutions, diverse expertise, and collaborative approach make us the perfect partner to electrify your fleet. Join us to drive the world towards a smarter, greener future.



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